Plantokonturograf – Podograf – simple device to foot measuring

Examining the foot of the patient by ink reflection method.

Received footprint gives us informations about support and shape of foot. Then we can manually calculate footprints on our print, such as Clarke’s angle, Sztriter-Godunow indicator, Weifslog index, and more.

Podograf is made in the shape of a longitudinal, flat, two-part box with the possibility of ink-absorption, which is distributed with the shaft of the lower surface of the device. Reflection of feet on paper is achieved by squeezing the foot of the patient by static or dynamic method.

The device consists of a plastic housing with a rubber diaphragm.
Additional elements include:
– paper of a special size
– roller
– ink (not included)

Product price – 80 euros

Delivery – individually priced after receiving delivery address.



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